Amazing Benefits Of Having A Car Decal

April 15, 2018 byVision Signs

One of the best ways to advertise your business is by placing a car decal on your car or truck. It doesn't matter whether you run a cab company, a floral delivery service, or you're a tradesman, putting your company logo on the side of your car is great advertising. Here are a few more reasons to consider vinyl decals...


There are plenty of different reasons that a vehicle decal or wrap would be beneficial to your brand and offer a great form of advertising. Here we offer a list of the top benefits of having a decal for your vehicle!

INEXPENSIVE: Branding a business vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, is usually pretty expensive. However, a car decal business can make a car window decal pretty cheaply. Consider it a low-cost alternative to billboard advertising!

IMRPOVES VISIBILITY OF YOUR BRAND:The nice thing about a vinyl decal is they hold up to the weather nicely which means you end up getting a lot of impressions over the life of the decal. A good decal will become the face of your brand. Putting it on your vehicle lets you saturate a geographic area with your logo, building awareness.

PROVIDES AUTHORITY: When a potential customer sees your decal, they are more likely to respect your opinion and listen to you when they see your professional means of advertising. The more authority you have, the more trustworthy you appear. Decals help establish your authority because they're a professional representation of your brand and business.

IT MAKES A STATEMENT:Customers will judge you by first impressions. It doesn't matter if you are the best tradesman in your industry. If you don't look professional, people will assume you are not. Fortunately, there's a simple way to prevent that. Hire a professional designer. Have the designer make a professional logo. Then, use that logo as the basis for designing your decal. A good shop should be able to make your decal from a mock up provided by your designer. Before you have the decal made, get a second pair of eyes on it. Does it look professional? If you were a stranger, would you buy from your company?

If your brand offers a high-end service, make sure your vehicle decal reflects that. We should be happy to set you up with some sharp looking graphics for your vehicle, TODAY.

Special Thanks to: Graphics Unlimited Inc. for this article.

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